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How We Function

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Legal Stuff

The name of this church community shall be Valley View Community Church.

The church began meeting on September 12, 1993, in Valley Forge National Park.

On November 2, 1995, Valley View Community Church was registered as a nonprofit corporation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the purpose of engaging in all activities which pertain to a church.

The church received Federal 501(c)(3) tax exempt status on October 25, 1996.

No formal membership is observed by Valley View Community Church.

Why We Exist

Valley View is a community on a mission to fulfill the great commandment and the great comission by spreading the love and good news of Jesus Christ and his kingdom. By design the church functions using a streamlined structure of leadership sufficient to satisfy legal requirements, yet simple enough to effectively and efficiently accomplish its mission and fulfill its vision.

How We Are Led

The leader of Valley View Community Church is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the head of his body, the church, and the chief shepherd of the sheep. Our intense desire is to follow his leadership and reflect his priorities in all that we do. Under the direction of the Holy Spirit we seek to prayerfully discern God’s guidance for his church.

The New Testament gives examples of churches being led by a plurality of godly leaders. At Valley View these leaders serve on the staff and the leadership team.

A servant style of leadership is required of each of these leaders. In John 13:1-17, Jesus modeled servant leadership when he washed the feet of his disciples and commanded us to do likewise. First Peter 5:2-3 encourages leaders to exemplify willing and eager service.

The leadership team is made up of those who have demonstrated a commitment to serve Christ and the mission of Valley View. The purpose of the team is to provide a creative synergy of ideas along with the spiritual insight necessary to keep the church focused on its mission. The team provides the accountability necessary to oversee the legal, financial, and facility concerns of the church aided from time to time by project driven task forces.

Leadership team members are men and women who meet biblical qualifications like those described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 and who possess the appropriate gifts, skills, and experience. Non-staff members are invited to make a three-year commitment followed by a maximum of two optional one-year renewable terms.

Lead and support staff direct the day-to-day operations of the church. They are paid for their work so that they are free to devote the best hours of their day to the ministry of Valley View. Lead staff members serve on the leadership team and are responsible for empowering the church to do the work of ministry.

In response to this biblical pattern of leadership, the Valley View community is instructed in 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 and Hebrews 13:17 to lovingly support and encourage their leaders so that their work will be a joy and not a burden.

Current members of the team are Bruce Carter (lead staff), Matt de Montaigne (lead staff), Kurt Focht (lead staff), Jon Kovalik (’18), Carla Tuhacek (’18), Vera Zanders ('19).

How We Handle Resources

Financial integrity and wise stewardship are paramount in the handling of resources at Valley View Community Church. Full disclosure of financial information is available anytime upon request and complete financial reports are issued quarterly throughout the January through December fiscal year.

No part of the net earnings of Valley View Community Church is used to benefit private individuals. The church, however, does have the authority to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions that further the mission of the church.

How We Handle Change

A lead staff member or a leadership team member cannot be dismissed from service without a consensus of the leadership team.

If a lead staff member departs and needs to be replaced, the leadership team, with the aid of a task force if needed, is responsible to select a successor(s) who will continue to help lead the church according to its mission and vision.

Should the church choose to dissolve, the leadership team, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all liabilities, shall determine how to transfer all remaining assets to a similar not-for-profit organization(s) operated exclusively for charitable, educational or religious purposes qualifying as exempt under section 501(c)(3).

These bylaws were drafted by faithful but fallible people. Should the Spirit of God point out the need to revise this document in any way, changes must be agreed upon by a consensus of the lead staff and the leadership team.


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Valley View Community
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