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Valley View’s concept of covenant membership carries at its core two key ideas: identity and community.


Identity is the believer’s position in Christ and all the benefits and blessings that come with being named a son of God and the Bride of Christ, a calling to worship and adore God.


None of that position or standing is meant to be lived alone, though. We are the body of Christ, a church universal and a church local, a church defined by the idea of community.

As a universal church, we seek an increase of the beauty and glory of Jesus in our city, our region, our nation, and around the world, longing to live our identity, vision, and mission as part of the great body of worshippers that is God’s Church.

Valley View Community Church - Our Story

As a local church, we seek an increase in the beauty and glory of Jesus as we pursue four things together as Valley View Community Church. We take the dynamics of covenant membership at Valley View from the basic and thematic concepts that the apostles laid out in the formation of the early church as revealed in the pages of Scripture.

1. IDENTITY:: pursuing deeper and deeper personal intimacy with Christ

2. COMMUNITY:: living intentionally connected to the family of God

3. STEWARDSHIP:: fostering a generous spirit and resourcing (finances, material goods, spiritual gifts, time, etc…) the work of God’s Church, universal and local

4. SERVICE:: loving God and our neighbor by understanding and walking in

ministry and giftedness.


When you enter into covenant membership with your brothers and sisters at Valley View, it is these four things that we long to see at work in every heart and life. These things form a basic corporate identity; markers saying that based on the Word of God and the witness of His Body to that Word, these things are who we are and what we are about. We are on a journey together, seeking God’s face together, for the sake of Christ. We invite you to attend a Covenant Member class once if you are interested in making this covenant with our church body.


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