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Transformation Groups

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Transformation Groups, or T Groups, provide a simple way to pursue Jesus in community with one or two others of the same gender. The combination of Scripture reading, authentic sharing, and prayer provide the soil that can produce lasting spiritual fruit and transformation.


Jesus called his disciples his friends. He wants us to be his friends as well. Friends of Jesus live fruitful, productive lives when they stay connected to him and one another.


Two or three of the same gender come together at least twice a month for 1-2 hours to encourage each other to live authentic spiritual lives. They also look around to see if others need to experience the friendship of Jesus. When the group has added a fourth member, it may be time to think about forming two groups.


  1. Regular Bible Reading & Listening. The group commits to Bible reading of a chapter or two per day, asking God to speak to them through his Word. If someone was unable to finish the reading, the group re-reads the same Scriptures for the next meeting.

  2. Authentic Conversation. In order to build deeper relationships with one another, a variety of questions can be asked. Suggestions are listed on the back of this sheet.

  3. Pray for One Another. Members of the group share their joys and sorrows together and pray for each other.

  4. Pray for others. The last part of the T group has an outward focus. Each member names two or three individuals that need the friendship of Jesus. The names are placed on a list and the group ends each meeting by praying for these individuals.

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