Bruce Carter

The Power of Scripture

Over the last few months, Jennifer and I have been busy getting ready for the Dallas Seminary LEAD program that we’ll be participating in during our sabbatical. We’ll actually be in Dallas, Texas, for five days during the weekend the Pope is in Philadelphia.

Baptism Bash

We’re in the middle of wedding season right now and last night we celebrated with Kristen Johnson and Zachary Young as they were married at beautiful Brandywine Manor in Honey Brook. It was a great night!

What Does the Future Hold?

This is graduation season and if you graduated from high school or college this year congratulations. We’re proud of you. That’s a great accomplishment. Our youngest daughter graduated last week from high school and we’re so excited as she begins the next chapter of her life.

It's Good to Doubt

This morning we begin a brand new series that I’m very excited about because YOU helped us to design it. Give yourselves a hand. You did a great job! The series is called I’ve Got a Question and on our website we describe it this way...


This morning we come to the end of our series called Blameless: The Pursuit of Wholiness. And for the last few months we’ve been saying that the key to living a blameless life is not keeping a bunch of rules, but loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and loving our neig


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