Bruce Carter

Pure Joy

This past Monday I attended the memorial service for Bill Dunn who passed away at 81. Bill Dunn was the father of Darlene Dunn who was married to Tim Giessler who helped start Valley View Community Church back in 1993 and pastored here until 2010. Many of us know and love the Giessler family.

The Secret to Joy

This morning we begin a three-part mini-series on JOY that coincides with our big JOY event coming up this Saturday and is going to take us right up to Christmas. It’s easy to talk about joy during Christmas, right? Christmas is a season filled with joy.

Obsessed to Death

This morning Valley View joins over 500,000 churches from 150 countries around the world to observe the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. And prayer is what our persecuted brothers and sisters need the most.

Everyone’s Obsession

When I was a first year student at Dallas Seminary one of the courses I took was called Survey of Ministries. It was a field education course designed to get students off campus and out into the real world to see what was going on spiritually in and around the Dallas metroplex.

Jesus First

When I was a kid growing up I can remember coming home from school with my brother Ken, turning on our little black and white television and watching Superman.

Come to the Well

Every April, TIME magazine publishes a list of the 100 most influential people in the world, drawing on a year’s worth of headlines and articles. It’s a subjective list, but still gives a sense of who the movers and shakers are in any given year.

Finishing Well

One of the most popular super heroes in our culture today is Spider Man. Any Spider Man fans out there? People love Spider Man. He may not be the fastest, strongest, biggest, smartest, best looking super hero, but he could be the best loved.

Facing Our Giants

This morning we continue our series called More Than Ordinary with a look at the most famous battle described in the Old Testament. The battle didn’t take place between two armies. The battle took place between two people, a boy named David and a giant named Goliath.


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